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Bindu Reddy: The Truth About The Future of AI

September 7, 2020
When the majority of individuals think about the near future of artificial intelligence, it's often much more unrealistic then what it's applications will truly look like. In this episode, Bindu and Dave dive into topics like her life growing up in India, the culture shock she experienced moving to the United States, and how Bindu believes the future of AI will be incredibly transformational. Bindu Reddy has a very unique perspective of the tech world and how it has and will continue to transform. Bindu has worked with companies like Amazon & Google and has been witnessed first hand the 21st-century tech revolution. Bindu discusses with Dave the process of founding Abacus.AI, the beneficial uses of AI, why AI is still intimidating to most, the AI revolution that is close at hand, and AI's potential in its ability to forecast.

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